Our Purpose

Sisters For Mental Health Inspiration

A mental illness has a face; it inhabits a human being and exists in a social context. The illness does not stand in isolation but is enclosed by a journey filled with triumphs and struggles of whom it exists in.

Sisters For Mental Health Slogan

'To Struggle Is Human': This slogan was created in order to inspire empathy that is much needed for individuals who struggle with their illness and for it to be understood that struggles are part of the human journey.

Sisters For Mental Health Aim

-Stigma eradication surrounding the mentally ill and the concept of a mental illness
-For mental illnesses to be acknowledged and respected like other diseases
-Advocacy and activism for the mentally ill
-To create a platform for women of all ages and backgrounds to engage in a socially interactive context about issues surrounding mental health
-To provide a platform and resources that will provide psycho-education in order to improve the insight of those affected by the illness